Facilitator’s Guide

The Umoja Facilitator’s Guide can be downloaded from Tearfund’s TILZ website. It covers the following areas:

An overview of Umoja – its purpose, benefits, the role of the facilitator

Envisioning the church – Bible studies and activities to help churches gain a vision for community involvement

Envisioning the community – activities and ideas to help communities assess their needs and resources, with accompanying Bible studies where appropriate

Dreaming dreams and planning for action – activities and ideas to help communities develop a vision for the future and plan for it, with accompanying Bible studies where appropriate

Taking action – activities and advice to help communities ensure that the plans are carried out and positive change happens

Evaluation – a review of how the church and the community have worked together to plan and run projects to improve the lives of individuals and the community.

It is possible to refer to any of these stages and not necessarily follow them in a set order. The key thing is that you select the material in the book that is most appropriate to your situation.

An accompanying book – the Umoja Co-ordinator’s Guide – provides everything that an organisation or church denomination needs to know to start and manage an Umoja programme across a number of local communities.

We hope you enjoy the journey.

The Facilitator’s Guide is also available in other languages.


1 Response to Facilitator’s Guide

  1. Joao Martinez da Cruz says:

    Thank you for making these documents available to us!

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